About Alena

Alena is a conservation geographer and photographer who focuses primarily on wildlife and nature photography. Alena is based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, and has photographed wildlife and nature around the world in countries including Canada, the USA, Ecuador, Colombia, South Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Ecuador, Morocco, Jamaica and more.


Alena has a BSc in wildlife conservation and ecosystem interactions through the Geography and Biology departments at the University of Victoria. She wrote her Honours thesis for her BSc in UVic's Applied Conservation Sciences Lab. Her research there involves assessing the satisfactions of human hunters using social media, and relating these satisfactions to wildlife management paradigms and policy.


Alena's passion for nature and wildlife is a dominant theme in her everyday life, and she strives to find unique perspectives and solutions to current conservation issues. Creativity is a large part of her life, and she is constantly trying to combine her loves for photography, conservation and travel.


Alena was a NANPA College Scholarship Recipient in 2015, where she and her fellow scholarship recipients worked with NANPA and the San Diego Wildlife Refuge System to create a short documentary on connecting urban communities with the refuge system. You can watch the documentary here.


Alena also participated in a photography workshop in India in the Summer of 2014 with Canon Explorer of Light Sudhir Shivaram.

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