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5 Simple Steps To Help The Ocean!

Wishing you all a very Happy World Oceans Day!

The ocean is something that we all depend on - it influences our food security, weather, water, and happiness. Beyond that, it is an endlessly beautiful world full of the most incredible and complex animals, plants, and ecosystems!

Today, I want to know: What are you doing to celebrate the Ocean? What are you doing to protect the Ocean and marine world? What can you pledge to do/change in your daily routines to help preserve Ocean health for future generations?

To get you started, here are 5 super simple things you can do to help the Ocean!

1) Refuse single-use plastics! If this seems overwhelming, start small - how about just giving up straws or plastic bags? Once you are comfortable with small changes you can implement more.

2) Keep your butts off the beach! Cigarette butts are the number 1 item found on beaches worldwide in terms of beach litter. Cigarette butts are highly toxic, do not biodegrade, and each contaminate one cubic metre of ocean water with nicotine!

3) Don't wash your fleece (as often)! Our clothing is the number one source of microplastics in the Ocean!! Fast fashion is not only bad for our waters through washing, but is also produces mass amounts of waste (during production and due to short life spans of most clothing), pollution, and human rights violations. Make more sustainable fashion choices by supporting ethical manufacturers, choosing natural fibres, taking good care of your existing clothing, and washing clothing less often!

4) Participate in a beach cleanup, or host your own! If you live on a coastline (as the majority of us do), opportunities abound to help clean the shoreline by picking up trash and disposing of it properly. Always remember to be safe and wear protective gear during beach cleanups, and don't attempt to clean any oil or chemical spills unless you are certified to do so and have on the proper safety gear.

5) Practice responsible Ocean visitation and recreation! We all love to experience the Ocean, whether it be on the beach or in/on the water! Next time you visit the Ocean, make sure you are doing so responsibly: Choose your sunscreen carefully, especially if snorkelling or exploring tide pools; Pack out what you pack in (don't leave any trash!); Tread carefully (there could be a sensitive ecosystem under your feet!); Educate yourself about the environment you are in; Share the space (with others and with Nature); Leave shells on the beach (they play a critical role in combatting Ocean acidification!); Be mindful and respectful at all times. ❤

Happy Ocean Exploring!

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