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Free Downloads


To help bring some more joy to these uncertain times, I've created some free downloads for you!

These activity pages are free! I've worked hard to make them for you and hope they bring you happiness.


If you love them and would like to help support me, please consider joining my Patreon! It really helps me to keep my business going.

Please see the bottom of this page for USAGE RIGHTS :)



A collaboration between myself and 7

other incredible wildlife artists!

Family-friendly and fun for all ages.

26 pages of nature activities -

download it, print it, and have fun!


Window sign:

Healthcare workers


Print this sign and colour this sign however you'd like.


Then, hang it in your window to show your appreciation for the healthcare heroes working so hard to keep us safe!

thank you healthcare workers colouring p


All the pages listed here were created for your free enjoyment. However, copyright and exclusive usage rights are retained by me (or the individual artists with whom I collaborated, when applicable). It is not permitted to distribute, replicate, modify, publish, or sell these pages without written permission from the artist. Thanks for your respect and understanding!



Feel free to Contact Me with any questions! :)

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